Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Beings from elsewhere living among us.

I was originally inspired by a timothy Good 'Radio One' interview, in which he describes a telepathic
contact experience that he had in the late sixties. I decided to try a similar experiment myself in 1991. I
was waiting for a train in Charing Cross railway station in London, and I thought it may be a good time
to try and contact these beings who are said to live among us incognito.

I asked the question in my mind "If there are any
beings from elsewhere, within the vicinity of Charing
Cross station could you please come and prove it?".
After concentrating for around half an hour, I boarded
my train and thought nothing more of it. I noticed
that the carriage was full being the height of rush
hour. I felt that it was strange that no one standing
was interested in sitting down in the available seat
directly opposite me by the window.

Just before the train departed a man entered the train
from my left and e sat in the seat in front
of me. I noticed that he was dressed in a tan coloured
suit and tie with a matching attache case. He was
around six foot three, had short blond hair brushed
back, blue eyes and had a Swedish appearance. Although
I had made no connection that he was one of these
beings at this time, I noticed that he was acting
strangely by observing the other people on the train.
He even at times turned around to look at the other
people seated behind.

He then leaned forward and started to observe his own
hands, which I also felt was unusual. It was at this
point that it occurred to me that he may be one of
these "Beings". So I asked the question "If you are a
being from elsewhere, please place your right index
finger on the right side of your nose?".

As soon as I had telepathically asked the question, he
responded by doing just that. Very slowly and
carefully placing his finger on his nose, holding it
there for some time, before lowering it. I asked if he
could do various other gestures to confirm if he was
from elsewhere, but he did not respond to this. The
only other time that he responded in exactly the same
way, was when I asked if he "Was one of the beings
responsible for the crop circle phenomenon?".

As the journey approached it's end, I was thinking
that "I am not convinced that you are from elsewhere,
as you could have been placing your finger on your
nose by coincidence". He immediately responded to this
with apparent frustration. This reaction in itself
seemed far more convincing than the initial
experiment. I then asked the question again in my
mind, "If you are from elsewhere then please tap on
your attache case three times?". With both hands on
his attache case, he slightly shook his head, and then
started to tap with both hands firmly, once...
twice... three times.He paused for a moment, tapped
again once... twice... three times. Then once again
paused, then tapped once... twice... three times
finally. Three sets of three in total. He then turned
and stared directly at me.

Up until this point I had not established direct eye
contact with him, but had little choice but to stare
back at this point. As I did so I noticed that his
face was symmetrically perfect, his eyes slightly
slanted and pale blue with flecks of violet in the
irises. His cheek bones were high set. I began to
realize the enormity of the experience for the first
time as I stared into the man's eyes. I was thinking
about trying to speak verbally with him, but then
after about twenty seconds my train arrived at the
stop. Due to being somewhat stunned by the experience,
I broke the stare and continued to gather my port
folio and depart from the train. I remember hearing
him behind me sounding frustrated again.

Once I returned home I decided to make a detailed
drawing of the man in portrait and profile. I also
wrote down on the sheet of paper as many details as
possible of the experience. Within moments of doing
this I began to realize that the paper that I had had
moments before, was gone. I searched around me but
found nothing, I started to search all around the
house even though I had no recollection of leaving the
seat. To this day I have not found the paper. It is
worth noting that I am a portrait artist, and the
likeness was very close.

A few months later in what I believe is a related
experience, I saw a craft. One evening I needed a tool
from my garage. At the tool box I noticed something
moving in the corner of my eye in the evening sky. I
first thought that it may have been a bat, so I walked
outside the garage to have a better look. Low in the
sky I witnessed a large oval shaped object, around one
hundred feet across. It was moving like an insect, and
this in fact was the only thing I had ever seen that I
could compare it to. The object had an upper section
in blue a row of circular windows across the middle.
The lower half was an orange colour, and I could
clearly see a red pulsating light attached to its
underside. The craft was translucent, it had a
brightness to it and was semi transparent. After a few
seconds it moved at an incredible speed across to my
left field of view, I would say that it appeared to be
about half a mile away. It suddenly stopped dead, and
then became brighter in contrast. It became solid, and
then continued to become brighter until there was a
flash of light and it had disappeared. It basically
appeared to show characteristics of an
interdimensional craft.

After these experiences I have had a great number of
psychic phenomenon, including other sightings. Overall
it left a deeply profound spiritual impression upon
me. I share this with you for what it is worth.

David Hughes-Narborough

Artwork and Worldplay by David Hughes-Narborough

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